Siteclubbing: Meakusma special

As Eupen festival Meakusma kicks off, we speak to some of the artists on the bill about the new underground electronic music they're most excited about right now

Belgium’s Meakusma Festival commences this weekend with its trademark conjoining of left-field club music and explorative sound art. To usher in the festival’s return, we’ve asked some of the line-up to tell us their favourite new electronic music. 

We welcome Equiknoxx main-man Gavsborg, West Country soundsystem stalwart Ossia, PAN affiliate SKY H1, Rinse France resident Marylou and audio-visual artist Mika Oki

Catch these artists alongside the likes of DJ Plead, Ulla, Pretty Sneaky, re:ni, John FM, YL Hool, Anthony Naples and more, from Thursday 1st September til Sunday 4th September in Eupen, Belgium. For more info, check out:

Gavsborg’s picks

Elijah Hook – Adequate (Self-released)

“I met Elijah Hook recently at Mensch Meier Club in Berlin, as I was there to DJ at Emergent Bass. We connected on the socials shortly after and I discovered his music. Very upful hip hop tune with production that is to my taste.”

Rat Heart – Grea$e Free$tyle (Shotta Tapes)

“I am not a fan of the name ‘$hotta Tapes’ but I am a fan of the music. This is good listening for me and if I was to put it in a mix, I would probably cue up another favourite of mine next – Yves Tumor‘s ‘The Feeling When You Walk Away’.”

Ossia’s picks

Franco Franco – Solo Fiori (do you have peace?)

“Bristol-based cyborg rapper Franco Franco (of Kinlaw & Franco Franco fame) has made this album with Young Echo’s O$VMV$M on production. It’s called ‘Solo Fiori’ (only flowers) and it’s a banger. Play the Manonmars albums after this one, in case you’re not wise to the world of O$ yet.”

Cucina Povera & Ben Vince – There I See Everything (Ecstatic)

“Deep trippin’ vocal and sax loops from the welcome surprise combination of Cucina Povera and Ben Vince, in a mesh with hazy electronics, synth and piano. This one’s a slow motion mind melter, definitely worth setting a time-out to.”

Marylou’s picks


First release from Kas’ (Gabber Modus Operandi) new label, the two genius kids from Jembrana and Karangasem are diving into gamelan and electronics in the most elegant and raw way.”

Model Home + Saint Abdullah – Invasive Inclinations (PTP)

Both Saint Abdullah and Model Home are long time favourites musicians of mine. This collaboration fuses the best part of each and creates pure gold. Nappynappa’s obscure lyrics resonate within the noise – demanding and graceful at the same time, which I love.”

Mika Oki’s picks

Romain de Ferron – Ravi (KRAAK)

“New gems from French producer Romain de Ferron released by the Belgian label KRAAK. A gentle association of continuous sounds, counterpoints and repetitions that offers a quasi-mystical experience.”

eNμ & Justin – init​.​play (self-released)

“From electro-acoustic sounds to glitch tornadoes, Justin and eNμ explore a new place of juxtaposition of organic and aquatic textures where time-dispersion and space-diffraction occurs.”

SKY H1’s picks

Nexcyia – Hydro (self-released)

“Very nice ambient – I could listen to this on repeat…”

Kuedo – Aeolian Bodies (Brainfeeder)

“Favourite track on the new Kuedo album – always playing this in my DJ sets!”