Siteclubbing: the best new underground electronic music, with guests Azu Tiwaline and Metrist

Your regular roundup of the most exciting new sound from URL and IRL club culture

As summer fully kicks into gear, we take a look back through the best electronic music releases of the last few months for our latest edition of Siteclubbing. We’ve also got some specialist picks from a couple of our favourite artists: Tunisian producer Azu Tiwaline, who’s recently released on the likes of Livity Sound (alongside Al Wooton) and her own imprint IOT Records, and London-based Timedance affiliate Metrist, fresh off his inaugural release on new label venture SOSOSO.

Azu Tiwaline’s picks

Henry Greenleaf – Kirkstone EP (Redstone Press)

“Been a really big fan of Henry Greenleaf for a while, his sounds is always so fresh and punchy. Love the way he’s totally free when he produces.”

Toma Kami – Amapicante (Livity Sound)

“Super excited to hear Toma Kami back on Livity. Always been into his chirurgical sound, focus on rhythm and the groove. Into this one definitely!” 

Kincaid – More Good Than Bad EP (Grid)

“Grid Records is an amazing young French label, every release is so great. This last one from Kincaid is really interesting, I love his lush, experimental and cinematic sound. Perfect if you want to travel without moving, just close your eyes and enjoy the universe you enter.”

Metrist’s picks

XRA – Invisible (XRA)

“Family. My ears haven’t stopped ringing from the first of the XRA series. Two of the most inspirational to do it Lurkz (Lurka) and Laz (Bruce) locking horns and ears for their second record with a more delicate touch.” 

pq – proprioception (Lapsus)

“pq aka Pete Jones from Nihiloxica slaving away on the buttons, reminding me of those Gondwana releases on Opal Tapes a few years back – bedlam with the odd functional flick and twist.” 

Chrizpy Chris – Suffuse (YUKU) 

“I’ve been playing ‘A Genre’ from this record since about November 2021. It’s got these D&B tech-lord sensibilities rehomed in the world of 130bpm. Some deeper cuts off this record showing that the producer can do what they want when they want. A shoutout to YUKU who are on some Lionel Messi 2011 form right now.”

Our picks

NVST – Drum in The Bass of Attention (Big Science)

Wonky freak business from Big Science Records, with NVST notching the dubwise disorentiation to the fore on her debut record. Highlight ‘Drum in the Bass of Attention (Cutmeintwice Version)’ invigorates with it blend cut-and-paste nosebleed breaks, nonchalantly incensed spoken word and looming bulldozer bassweight, patiently toying with it’s elements rather than taking the easy root.”

GAV & JORD – Writings Ov Tomato (MAL)

Equiknoxx’s Gavsborg and Time Cow come together for release on Jon K AND Elle Andrews’ MAL imprint. The duo are as joyfully eccentric as ever, darting betweeN Autechrian mutations, avant R&B swingers, Jersey-style sluggers and proper, wig-flipping club missiles. The title track is a clear highlight, it’s rhythmic swagger swaying between half-time D&B and chunky chugger.

Various Artists – OUII (Eclipse Tribez)

Belgium’s Eclipse Tribez’s latest VA curation highlights nibble sound design and leftfield bass workouts from the likes of Huna and Ramses. Awo Ojiji steals the show with the bubbling ‘I Didn’t Like The Ending Though’, a track which creeps forward at it’s own drunkenly assured pace, with occasionally abrupt organ stabs shocking like cold water to the face.