Siteclubbing: the best new electronic music of late 2021, with guests Bambounou and JASSS

New year, new beats

As we barrel into 2022, we thought we’d take a look at some of the finest electronic releases that you may have missed in the final months of 2021. With selections from special guests Bambounou and JASSS, alongside our own personal favourites, expect everything from dark ambient to galvanised techno dancehall. Welcome to the first Siteclubbing of the new year. 

Bambounou’s picks

Lala &ce – Toxic (&ce Recless)

“One of the hottest releases I’ve heard recently. Lala has a special way of saying words that always makes me wonder, ‘What if I could sing like that?’. So, I plugged my microphone in at my studio and the results were TERRIBLE! I just respect people singing so much, but now I’m gonna keep on doing music on my laptop without my voice, I’ve accepted it!”

LeRon Carson – Under the Conditions (Sound Signature)

“I’m a sucker for ’80s house-driven tracks. This whole album is so good from start to finish, which can always be tricky with a house/techno album, but you can really feel these tracks were made with a genuine intention!”

Neue Grafik – Running on a Flame (feat. Brother Portrait) (Total Refreshment Centre)

“It’s not often that you stumble upon such a beautifully made piece of music, check out the video too, very poetic and powerful. All sorts of feelings coming out of this, but only the positive ones!”

JASSS’ picks

Various Artists – Donne Che Corrono Coi Lupi (Osàre! Editions)

“Lately there’s been many exciting releases on cassette. This V.A. on Elena Colombi’s label captures a wide range of emotions, and is inspired by the wonderful book ‘Women Who Run with the Wolves’ by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. A super strong compilation of music.”

Holy Other – Lieve (ㇹ)

“After a long silence, Holy Other returns with this very moody, wonderful record.”

Beverly Glenn-Copeland – Keyboard Fantasies Reimagined (Transgressive)

“What can I say… there is beauty everywhere within this record.” Read our review of the album here

L&Q’s picks

Henzo – Iron Lighter EP (Left, Right & Centre)

A selection of tuff, ever-morphing cuts from Manchester’s Henzo; smelting dancehall rhythms, drum and bass flourishes and UK techno experimentalism into club-ready ammunition.


Angel Rocket – AM003 (Accidental Meetings)

Angel Hunt and Peter Rocket join forces on an EP of wide-eyed sonic excursions that fluctuates from inventively playful to expansively grand. It’s this tonal variety that stands out most, with highlight ‘Pomelo Fog’ beginning with impishly buoyancy and ending with existential dread, a sense of transition that feels unforced and endlessly engrossing.

Akiko Haruna – Be Little Me (Numbers)

Adventures in elastic sound design and vocal contortion abound on Akiko Haruna’s debut EP for the iconic Numbers imprint. Modern pop sensibilities collide with hard club aesthetics in a dizzying fashion, and a probing sense of wry humour rears its head throughout, especially on the highlight ‘Big Boy’– “I’m a big boy and I like cars.”

Photography by Mai Nestor and 909BRODAN