Take a look at some of John Dwyer’s posters that feature in his forthcoming book Exploded Globes

From Thee Oh Sees man's artwork collection

Since 2006 John Dwyer has been releasing records on his own DIY label, Castle Face.

A lot of the time that has meant putting out his own prolific group, Thee Oh Sees, but Castle Face has also given us a slew of other great American garage bands, like The Fresh & Onlys, Ty Segall and White Fence.

Next month’s they’re releasing their first ever book – a collection of annotated show posters and flyers made by Dwyer, spanning 1999-2016, called Exploded Globes.

Here’s a selection of some of the artwork you’ll find inside, when the book is published on March 24.

From Exploded Globes’ introduction, John Dwyer writes:

In this book, in no particular order, are the handbills, fliers and posters I’ve made since 1999 or so to present.
The style doesn’t vary all that much…similar content…but I think I’ve gotten slowly better over all these years…
I’m still a bit too impatient of a person to make “perfect” prints…
but I think part of that is my style: a mess sometimes.
Nothing wrong with that.
I’m really not a huge fan of the typical rock poster.
It can be a tedious format to look at, especially after years of playing shows and a million posters, so I try to make something from a bit of a different place. 
Thanks, and I hope you enjoy, maybe you were at one of these shows? 
Maybe you thought, who made this shit poster?
It was me

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