The story of Iceland Airwaves 2017 in 29 photographs and a minimal amount of carefully chosen words

We spent last week bumping around Reykjavik where every shop, cafe, bar and the odd boat was hosting 5 days of live music. Our schedule looked something like this...

Check out how handsome Reykjavik is from its cathedral clocktower.
The first act of day 1: KRÍA in a restaurant where people where eating fish soup for lunch.
We didn’t catch this guy’s name but he was yelling at people in the record shop Bad Taste.
Lucky Records also hosted a lot of good daytime bands. Mostly punk and DIY.
… like trio gróa.
Fever Dream describes herself as a fem-powered horror rapper. We saw her in a DIY space for nuclear disarmament.
Fever Dream used to be in Reykjavíkurdætur, who were obviously incredible at the Art Museum.
They had Butlers in the Buff handing out shots.
… and rode them.
Three of their members make up hip-hop trio Cyber.
Halfway through their opening song they announced that they needed a power nap (seriously) and lay on the floor.
Godchilla are more a sludgy surf rock band.
It got pretty wild at their Loft show.
The best venue/artist pairing went to this church.
… when Aldous Harding played in it.
After that we went to see Benjamin Clementine roll around a stage on some scaffolding.
He also serenaded a few shop window mannequins. Classic BC.
Having become obsessed with Slugz purely on her name, we were happy to finally find out that she makes completely stubborn sound collages that scared a lot of people.
IDK IDA (I Don’t Know, I Don’t Ask) has more of a Bjork things going on. The bar/venue Boston was the one.
The fiercest performer of the week was Columbia’s pregnant Lido Pimienta.
I suppose there were folk band Nexion in the library, too.
Vagabon was a lot more ‘plugged in’ than we were expecting too. So a lie down was out of the question there.
Everything’s better on a boat, including, we imagine, Graveyard Club.
On Saturday we hosted the Art Museum.
With Songhoy Blues.
And HAM, amongst others. (Most of HAM’s songs sound like ‘Gay Bar’ by Electric Six)