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At the beginning of every year, we draw up a list of artists who we hope might be releasing new music over the next 12 months and add them to our cover features wishlist. Sometimes we’re wrong and the artists don’t even release new music; sometimes they do but it doesn’t work out. Tirzah was on our list this year, has released a new album (her excellent album Colourgrade is out today!), and, as you can see, it has worked out. She’s our cover star this month, talking about Colourgrade, the art of curating and why she feels it would be fairer if her music wasn’t released under her own name.

Also in issue 149: 

Circuit des Yeux in conversation, discussing her her new album and why she threw herself from a roof for its cover art.

Orlando Weeks gave us a tour of his creative space, which features a model village made by a fan.

Harpist Mary Lattimore shares her Rates list.

Mac DeMarco interviews Tonstartssbandt on our behalf.

Jon Hopkins shares his memories of weed and record for Sweet 16.

Richard Dawson and Finnish metal band Circle talk about their new collaborative album, Henki.

Writer Andrew Anderson revisits the Leeds Festivals that would end with all the toilets on fire.


New artist interviews with Bristol’s Bingo Fury, pioneering tuba player Theon Cross, London folk mega collective Broadside Hacks, punk duo JOHN, Tampa avant hip-hop duo They Hate Change, and art punk troupe The Umlauts.

Reviews too of course.

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