Vinyl shopping with Rejjie Snow – Bands Buy Records episode 07

We gave the Dublin rapper a handful of Euros to spend at a store in Groningen, Netherlands

So far, all the episodes we’ve made of Bands Buy Records have been done in our local neighbourhood. For episode 07 we’ve mixed things up a bit, though.

Groningen is a picturesque university town in north east Holland. At the start of January each year about 40,000 people from the European music industry come to the city for Eurosonic – a new music showcase and conference where bands basically perform in the hope to bag some festival slots for the summer.

Groningen, which has some historic venues (like Vera, famous for hosting Nirvana back in the day), also happens to have a bunch of great record stores. Elpee is one of them. So we gave Rejjie Snow the equivalent of £25 to spend on a minimum of three records. Turns out, the rubbish exchange rate (cheers, Brexit) means that doesn’t go as far as you’d hope, but the Dublin rapper still managed to bag some decent music…

Film by Tim Cochrane