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Austin punks US Weekly write about how social media can be like the creepy guy outside the local nightclub

Hear their sprawling new track 'New Obsessions'

Chris Nordahl is vocalist with Austin punks US Weekly. We’ll let him explain about the new track the band have just shared:

“‘New Obsessions’ details experiences had by women I know, and many others I don’t. Lyrically the song follows the moments after leaving a dance club when a predatory manchild who can’t take a hint follows you home. The song has a metaphorical double edge, with a man standing in for technology that refuses to offer reprieve from attention bating catcalls, as you’re bombarded by tweets, DMs, and comments from a person who makes you uncomfortable, or even frightened.

“While recording, the simple act of letting the tape run took this song from its originally compact 2-3 minutes into a sprawling noise-psych jam. Upon hearing the result of the lengthy improvised outro, we pulled out every pedal and piece of percussion we could find in the studio and added continuous layers, going down a kraut-rock drain pipe which resulted in our most free form piece of music yet.”

So here it is…

US Weekly’s new self-titled album coming out via the Night Moves label on 21 April. Here are some more details.