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Blacklisters have bottled their brutal live experience and put it into a new EP for Too Pure Singles Club

Listen to 'Drag'

Anyone who has seen Blacklisters live will know what a ferocious, twisted force the band can be. They’ve distilled that energy into two albums already – their 2012 debut ‘BLKLSTRS’ and ‘Adult’ back in 2015.

Now, as the Leeds band start crushing ideas together for their third – Steven Hodson from USA Nails and Kong recently joined the band, replacing bassist Owen Griffiths – they’ve recorded a handful of tracks for an upcoming release on the monthly Too Pure Singles Club.

Cut to tape live at Yorkshire’s Greenmount Studios, the EP, ‘Dart’, will be released on 29 September.

‘Drag’ is one of the tracks from it, and here it is. Not for the fainted hearted.

Already this year, Too Pure Singles Club have shared releases from the likes of Drahla and Unqualified Nurse Band.

Band photo: Mr B,

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