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Farewell, Too Pure Singles Club! Listen to a track from the label’s final ever release

Why wouldn't you finish with a covers albums of iconic TV show themes?

Sad news today (9 November) that Too Pure Singles Club – the London-based monthly vinyl club – is coming to an end.

The label, who’ve released a specially commissioned piece of vinyl to their subscribers every month for 10 years, will put out their final music in December.

Just this year they’ve put out singles by the likes of JOHN, Drahla, Unqualified Nurse Band, Family Scraps – and in the past many, many more.

Dom Haley’s written a piece about the history of the label and spoken to its alumni including Hookworms, plus had label boss Paul Riddlesworth pick out some standout releases.

But, it’s all coming to an end on a surreal high. Not with a DIY punk band, but with an album by Dream Themes (they used to be Frank Sidebottom’s old backing band, and feature Rhodri and Dicky from Scritti Polliti). The release, ’20 Golden Greats’, sees them cover different themes from TV history. That includes the likes of Magnum PI, Blockbusters, Grange Hill, The A Team and Thunderbirds. It’s out on 8 December, and fits across two 7″ singles playing at 45rpm.

Here they are, covering the sounds of BBC Sport’s Saturday afternoons… the theme from Grandstand.

Thanks for the music TPSC.

Dream Themes and Too Pure Singles Club are launching ’20 Golden Greats’ with an hour long show at The Lexington, London on 17 December. It’ll be preceded by Dream Themes’ new pantomime, ‘Quick Wittington’.

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