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Check out Caroline Rose – the sarcastic queer feminist songwriter who only wears red

And that's not even the best bit

We’ll admit, Caroline Rose’s debut album in 2014 ‘I Will Not Be Afraid’ wasn’t one to pass across our radar.

But the New York-based songwriter is on the cusp of releasing the follow-up, ‘Loner’, in May on Nashville label New West (Feb in the U.S.) and it’s very good.

Don’t just take our word for it. Earlier this week she shared this new track ‘Getting To Me’ (listen below). The best bit, it’s not even close to being the best track on ‘Loner’.

Here’s what Rose has to say about the time that proceeded that second album.

“I felt a bit disillusioned with my music; it didn’t sound like my personality. I hadn’t dated in years, I was going to lose health care. I felt detached from the modern world.

“I joined Tinder. I turned 25 and rented my first real apartment and painted it bright colours. I started socializing more and little by little, weeded out all my clothes that weren’t red. I embraced my queerdom. I had a girlfriend, we traveled the country, we broke up. I discussed politics, capitalism and Rihanna. For better or worse, I became a member of the modern world.

“Turns out the modern world is terrifying…”

Plus, check out the video for Rose’s previous single ‘Soul No. 5’ to get a steer on what she’s all about.

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