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Daniel Woolhouse has been opening a musical advent calendar in December, sharing this tender version of ‘Soup For Brains’

Formerly known as Deptford Goth, he's reworked one of the highlights from his recent album

Daniel Woolhouse, who released two albums under the alias Deptford Goth, has a neat idea to cap off 2016.

Every couple of days in December he’s been putting out new videos and alternative versions of tracks which appeared on his debut album ‘What’s That Sound?’ released on 37 Adventures earlier this year.

We’re getting in on this advent calendar action by sharing this piano session version of his track ‘Soup For Brains’. It tears the song down to its bare bones.

Daniel describes the track as being about “self-examination”.

“There’s this soup in my head. There are circumstances, memories and images in there that reflect on the past few years. There are coping mechanisms you develop that can be destructive and whilst you might recognise that yourself, you end up always playing catch-up with them, trying to fix one thing with another. You can end up in a repetitive cycle and I’m trying to get out of that.”