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If David West’s new video wasn’t David West’s new video it’d be the opening titles for a sinister ’70s cop show

Enjoy some "exotic confusion" in the new clip for 'Swan's Beat'

Over the years David West‘s been involved in almost too many projects to mention, but here’s a few. Right now: Rat Columns, Rank/Xerox and Liberation. In the past: Lace Curtain, Burning Sensation and Total Control.

In other words, the Perth-born New York-based musician is a guy who likes to keep busy.

And he’s got a new album ready. It’s called ‘Cherry on Willow’ and will come out under the title David West with Teardrops. It’s him, plus collaborators, Teardrops being “an open ensemble of friends and collaborators”.

Some of those collaborators past/present are involved, too. Including Mikey Young of Total Control and, personal favourites, Eddy Current Suppression Ring who has produced it.

He’s just shared the new video for the new track ‘Swan’s Beat’. The whole thing has a murky swagger, and could be the soundtrack to a ’70s cop show. Or something.

West has a neat way of putting it, describing the video as “an exploration of high definition footage given a low definition scrambling treatment with a theme of ‘exotic confusion'”. So, enjoy some exotic confusion.

‘Cherry on Willow’ will come out on Tough Love on 20 October.