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The era of Tom Vek and Clor – Milk Disco make music nostalgic for the sound of 2004

The band, from south London, have made this stylish clip

2004, what a year!

It started with Tom Vek‘s self-titled album being released on new year’s day, and just got better from there. You remember the self-titled debut from Clor, right? Excellent. A couple of years later, ‘Fantasy Black Channel’, Late of the Pier‘s debut would come along.

These are the type of bands Milk Disco have discovered, loved and been inspired by. Maybe that makes you feel old, too?

Anyway, not long ago the south London outfit shared their first single, ‘Welcome to the Milk Disco’ – a fiesta of The Rapture-style guitar stabs and rattling cowbell – recorded live at London’s Lightship95 Studio with Ed Ripley.

Now, they’ve made a video for it. they’ve kept things simple, but it’s effective.

The track is out on Ra-Ra Rok Records.