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What’s Glastonbury for if not watching a 360° film about nuclear weapons, soundtracked by (the) Acid?

Hear a new track by the group, from their score for 'The Bomb', being premiered in Somerset

Chances are, if you’re off to Glastonbury this year you’ve already slept the night in the car park and you’re currently lugging a inept B&Q trolley overflowing with Strongbow and bog roll up the hill sweating your arse off.

But, on the off chance you’re reading this instead of trying to pitch your tent close enough to the Portaloos to make it during the night but far enough away not to constantly smell them, then here’s a tip for the weekend…

‘The Bomb’ an immersive multimedia installation about nuclear weapons will be making it’s UK debut down on Worthy Farm. The Acid have written the score and will be performing it live at in Shangri-La at 11pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The 55-minute documentary will be projected on The Gas Tower, will house massive 360 degree screens that surround the audience. Stanley Donwood, known for designing Radiohead’s artwork and now the yearly Glastonbury poster, is the creative director of the film, which was created by Smriti Keshari, Eric Schlosser and Kevin Ford.

A bit about it: “The audience will experience the sights and sound of nuclear tests, accidents, planning as well as the technological and cultural influence of nuclear weapons.”

Sounds more interesting than watching Foo Fighters.

In anticipation they’ve just shared this new track from the score, ‘Modern Propaganda’.

It’s only been performed at Tribeca and Berlin Film festival so far, and here’s a taste: