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Haley Fohr has retired her no-bullshit country singer alter ego for the moment – she’s back as Circuit des Yeux

'Paper Bag' is her new track, with an album coming on Drag City

Last year, we met Jackie Lynn, the freshly invented alter ego of Haley Fohr.

There was a backstory to this new creation – a straight-talking, no-bullshit country singer – who after a fight with her partner, Tom, took up their reigns of their murky business in narcotics and made it a success. It was all channeled into a brilliant album, ‘Jackie Lynn’, which ended up landing in our 40 best of 2016. 

Last year, Loud And Quiet‘s Katie Beswick met her, and described the project as follows: “Jackie is the embodiment of Fohr’s rebel femininity, her sexy, dangerous side, created as a fuck you to all the men who’ve ever tried telling her how to live her life. Jackie is unashamedly a woman.”

Now, Haley Fohr returns her gaze to her dayjob, if you like.

News today is that following the release of four LPs over her career as Circuit des Yeux, there’s a fifth on the way. It’s called ‘Reaching For Indigo’ and will come out on Drag City (Joanna Newsom, Ty Segall, Bill Callahan) on 20 October.

It’s introduced with this new track, ‘Paper Bag’ and the video’s been made by Meg Remy from U.S. Girls. A word: if you’re thinking ‘what’s this?’ up to the two minute mark… be patient.

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