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Here’s some more great guitar pop from Sloan Peterson – this one’s about ‘ratbags’ and ‘low-lifes’

'Rats' is going to be on the Australian artist's debut EP

There wasn’t a wealth of information out there about Sloan Peterson earlier this year when we wrote about her track ‘105’. There still isn’t a huge amount.

Sloan Peterson is the alias of songwriter Joe Jackson, and her latest track ‘Rats’ gives a further insight into her past.

“‘Rats’ was written about low-lifes who wanna make something out of themselves, ratbags and teenagers who are on their own in a big city,” she says.

“I had a pretty rough couple of years between 13-16 living up in Brisbane, being involved with bad company, never attending school among other horrible situations, and this song speaks to how I was feeling after coming out of such a whirlwind, trying to start all over again in Sydney by myself at only 16.”

The track is going to appear on a newly announced self-titled EP on 8 September.

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