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Leeds DIY band ZoZo return with new track ‘NONO’ – will also release a new EP in November

Saxy post-punk

You may have read a bit about CHUNK – the thriving DIY rehearsal studio, venue and arts space in Leeds.

ZoZo, formed in 2014, are something of a product of CHUNK, five friends who got together after discovering their mutual taste for NYC post-punk.

They spent much of the last two years touring, but in 2016 booked into Suburban Home Studios (run by MJ from Hookworms) to write and record a new EP. ‘A Bitter Gourd’ will be released via Hatch Records in November.

“It covers a wide range of influences designed to make you move and think,” say the band of the new release. “Lyrically it touches on topics of consumerism, isolation, memory and violence.”

Along with that news, they’ve also shared a new track, ‘NONO’.

‘NONO’, as well as being on the EP, will also appear as part of a new singles compilation series put together by Leeds-based organisation Come Play With Me.

“They’ve organised many fine gigs and put out some top singles over the past couple of years,” add the band. “Moreover, they are extremely patient when dealing with bands who can’t reply to emails or return paperwork on time, which is nice of them. It’s even nicer of them when they let said disorganised band have the first track on the album. Good label, good compilation.”

ZoZo have just announced a new show at Leeds’ Hyde Park Book Club, with support from Esper Scout, on 24 October.

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