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Listen to a new beat tape from the guy who did the production on Danny Brown’s ‘Atrocity Exhibition’

Half an hour of unreleased beats from London's Paul White

Danny Brown’s ‘Atrocity Exhibition’ album got a lot of end of year big ups as 2016 came to a close. Rightfully so. It came top five on our list.

Now, the guy responsible for the a lot of the production on that album (10 tracks) has appeared with new music. Lewisham’s Paul White has shared ‘Everything You’ve Forgotten’, a mix of almost half an hour of unreleased music. The majority of it is instrumental, although Danny’s voice does pop up.

White’s released a number of records, including a collaborative concept LP with Open Mike Eagle in the last 12 months, Right now, he’s working on more solo stuff due to come out later this year.