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Like some kind of ear-shredding Christmas present, NAH shares four albums of new material in one go

Michael Kuhn makes most other people look lazy

Those into the world of experimental percussion-driven noise will be well-acquainted with NAH. The Philly drummer/producer is continuously playing with a number of projects, including drumming in punk duo 1994!

And, he’s prolific. The number of albums Michael Kuhn has released under the name NAH is well into the double figures. Now, like some kind of ear-blasting Christmas present, NAH has put out FOUR new albums in one go.

‘Michael’, ‘Untitled Works 2016’, ‘Enduring’ and ‘Garbage Crap’. They’re all up on his Bandcamp.

But for the moment, this is our favourite, the recently shared ‘May 7th’ featuring rapper Moor Mother. If you like Run The Jewels or Death Grips we reckon you’ll be into it.