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Nashville band The Paperhead are mad on Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd

A taster of some of the Sixties British psych on the Americans' new album

We’ve returned to our office after our extended New Years break to a mountain of new music. In the pile we found ‘Chew’, the forthcoming, fourth album from Nashville band The Paperhead, who I’ll admit to being completely unfamiliar with.

This new record, released via Trouble In Mind on February 17th, though, has been taking the edge off of our early January.

‘Dama de Lavanda’ is the only track out there at the moment, but it’ll give you an idea of where this trio get their kicks from. They are proud obsessives of Sixties British psychedelia, although it’s on this song where they seem to have spent the whole of their trumpet budget. Still, it should give you an idea of what to expect from ‘Chew’ when it arrives next month. Strange how they don’t look like a band interested in the music of the late ’60 and early ’70s, though.