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Most new acts make a Bandcamp page, Xenoula arrives in an oil-splattered space pod

It's no surprise that LA Priest (Sam Dust) is involved

A good long time could be spent unpacking the happenings in the video for Xenoula’s debut track ‘Chief of Tin’. She arrives on the planet (presuming Earth) in a space capsule, then wanders around a rain forest like some kind of alien litter picker surveying objects with curiosity.

This is the first piece of work the new artist has shared. Xenoula is songwriter Romy Xeno, who partly grew up in South Africa before moving to the UK at the age of 16. More recently she left the city and upped sticks again to north Wales.

Home to the likes of Richard Dawson and Alex Izenberg, she’s signed up with the record label Weird World. An appropriate place, since that’s exactly the kind of thing she looks capable of creating.

Sam Dust (LA Priest, Soft Hair, Late of the Pier) has produced this first track – it has his strange sonic fingerprints all over it.