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New evidence in the mysterious disappearance of GANG comes to light in fresh video

In the Brighton sludge band's 'Dead' film they ended up being tortured in a church never to be seen again... a new clip for 'Enough Nothing' sheds light on what happened

Those paying attention will have seen that on Halloween Brighton band Gang released a video for their track ‘Dead’.

In that clip, the sludge rock trio enjoy an innocent road trip until everything takes a sinister turn. The car blows up, the dog runs into the woods, and they end up being tortured in a church never to be seen again. <Dramatic pause> Or, do they?

Now one keen conspiracy fan investigated their disappearance and has unearthed footage that sheds light on what may have happened. In this clip for new song ‘Enough Nothing’ there’s a lot of strange goings on, lets put it that way.

Chris Wade is the guy’s name, from Dog Brain Video.

“I developed an unhealthy obsession with finding the truth behind what really happened to my friends in Gang,” he says. “I did some digging, and came across a whole network of people who said they had seen some strange things in the area. But it went deeper. Much deeper. It wasn’t really my place to start digging around in conspiracies, so I passed it on to the guys over at Open Universe. I’m a big fan of their stuff!”

Along with the release of these two tracks, Gang has also confirmed that they will be appearing at 2017’s SXSW festival in Austin, Texas.

They can also probably be found at the following places on the following dates:

London, The Waiting Room – 6 December

Brighton, Hope & Ruin – 7

Margate, Tom Thumb Theatre – 9