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Oliver Wilde’s new video is a frightening rummage through a bunch of old VHS tapes

Like what you'd imagine Aphex Twin would be into

If you haven’t already, spend a few minutes with Everything Is Terrible‘s! disturbing/compelling videos. The Los Angeles’ collective take old VHS clips and turn them into all sorts of strange, dark and warped things. Like, Yellow Dino, who hunts for paedophiles.

It’s easy to see why Oliver Wilde got obsessed with it. So transfixed in fact he asked the creators of one of their series (Memory Hole) to make his new music video for ‘You’re So Kool-Aid’. Nic Maier is the guy behind it.

From Nic about their creation: “The vide0 for ‘…Kool Aid’ will make you want to take your skin off and put it back where it belongs. Directed by Commodore Gilgamesh, the Creat0r of Everything Is Terrible! and Memory Hole. Gilgamesh is also the father of the largest Jerry Maguire VHS collection on earth. Soon to be your father as well.”

It’s You’ve Been Framed without the accidents and £50 quid cheque but much, much weirder.

If you like what you hear, Wilde’s new album, his third, ‘Post-Frenz Container Buzz’ is out on 17 February on Howling Owl Records.

He’s touring a bunch of record stores (Bristol, Nottingham, Southsea, London and Shrewsbury) the week the album comes out then playing two shows with his live band at London’s Servant Jazz Quaters on 23 February and Bristol Thekla the following night.