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The Orielles have a new track, and it’s probably time to stop talking about how young they are

Listen to the trio's new track 'Sugar Tastes Like Salt'

All anyone could talk about when The Orielles first emerged a couple of years back was their young age. In fairness, they did appear have an almost unnatural songwriting wisdom given their years (14/15) at the time.

But, now it’s time to move on from that. The Halifax threesome – Sidonie B Hand-Halford, Esmé Dee Hand-Halford and Henry Carlyle Wade – have signed with Heavenly Recordings and recorded a bunch of new material.

They’ve just shared a new track, it’s called ‘Sugar Tastes Like Salt’ – an 8-minute Gang of Four-style lick driven by an old disco beat which turns into something all together more feral.