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Snapped Ankles, who dress as trees, share album news and destroy a washing machine in new video

The force of Mother Nature

Snapped Ankles have made an appearance on The Listening Post before, when they shared their excellent track ‘I Want My Minutes Back’ in the spring.

They’re a collection of forest-dwelling individuals who come together to play live shows in the city dressed as a trees. Their Topophobia performance nights are a bit legendary, too.

The nature lovers aren’t adverse to technology, but well, they say their output is “what dance music will sounds like when computers finally fail us.”

Today’s an important day. They’re announcing the release of their debut album, it’s called ‘Come Play The Trees’ and aptly it’ll be released by The Leaf Label on 29 September.

Before that though, later this week (30 June) their ‘The Best Light Is The Last Light’ EP comes out.

AND, finally, there’s a new video for their recently released track ‘Jonny Guitar Calling Gosta Berlin’. Where a bloke – one of the band we think – tapes two bricks together and chucks them in a washing machine. Not sure what all the spaghetti and milk is about in this Sol Haim directed video, but still, it’s entertaining.

Snapped Ankles are playing a launch show for that EP at the Total Refreshment Centre in London on 13 July.