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Stream White Wine’s new album ‘Killer Brilliance’ – an LP that investigates the ‘killer’ in all of us

The Leipzig-based trio's third album lands in "the disturbing part of the spectrum"

Coming out this Friday (29 September) is ‘Killer Brilliance’, the third album from the Leipzig-based project White Wine.

We’re not going to pretend it’s a breezy listen – according to the group it’s an exploration of the ‘killer’ instincts which exist within all of us set to a sonic backdrop inspired by ’60s-style film noir. The group say they aim to fall in and out of the cracks between genres “finding the nerves not yet hit.”

In his review of the album Loud And Quiet’s Greg Cochrane wrote: “The LP doesn’t “poetically reframe” the madness of our times; it simply pours the fear into a dark, simmering caldron of experimental ideas.”

It’s true, the project, led by former Tu Fawning and 31 Knots member (also touring member of Menomena and The Dodos) Joe Haege, along with Fritz Brückner and Christian “Kirmes” Kuhr, often feels uncomfortably compelling.

“We’re all killers in some way or another,” explains Haege of the theme. “Some kill hope. Some kill honesty. Some kill fear. Some kill greed. Some kill out of greed. All kill, in some ways, for our sheer survival.”

White Wine play in the UK this autumn at the following places.

London, 1000 Islands – 19 October
Stowmarket, John Peel Centre – 20
Glasgow, Hug & Pint – 22

Pre-order the album.