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Tangerines are a bunch of sleazy, coke scoffing estate agents in their ‘Peckham Boys’ video

You can watch this new video, but first we need a 20% deposit

Have you ever met an estate agent who isn’t a total toad? If you have, then well done, I haven’t.

London band Tangerines pull off a cartoonish and entertaining portrayer of your favourite local Foxton’s rep in their latest video for ‘Peckham Boys’. It obviously a bit of a laugh, but some of it’s only funny because it’s true.

“It’s an aspect of living in London that is very evident right now and you can’t ignore it, whether you’re poor or rich, it’s a two headed snake that’s primarily fucking with the working class and the younger generation,” say the group.

“We go through the motions of a day in the life, though we went for the more ‘estate agent gone wrong’ roles, we surround ourselves in small time comfort with the one goal in mind of shredding the city apart to fill our own pockets.”

‘Into The Flophouse’ is Tangerines’ debut album, it comes out on 12 May on RIP Records. ‘Peckham Boys’ is the opening track.

If you want to see Tangerines play live they’re doing the following shows:

Reading, Purple Turtle – 23 March
Brighton, Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar – 24
Southampton, Joiners – 25
London, Montague Arms – 29
Bedford, Esquires – 31