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The Rhythm Method’s new video is an ode to that invincible feeling of a fresh new haircut

Yeah, just a bit of a tidy up please mate

In an ideal world, The Rhythm Method would be sharing their new video ‘Something For The Weekend’ on a baking hot June Friday afternoon. The sun shining, two days off imminent, a couple of tolerably vile mango and passionfruit ciders chilling in the fridge. But, hey, there’s something about the fact that the London duo are sharing their summery new song as the season nudges into autumn on a windy Wednesday that makes it all intriguingly out of place.

That kind of sums up the The Rhythm Method, though. Friends and touring companions with the likes of Shame and HMLTD the duo sound nothing like those bands. Joey Bradbury and Rowan Martin’s brand of Baxter Dury, Pet Shop Boys and The Streets style (Mike Skinner’s previously produced one of their tracks) of idiosyncratic pop is all served up with a heavy dash of knowing humour.

For example, the best bit in this new video for ‘Something For The Weekend’ (featuring Zoee) is either when Joey kicks a football around then falls over, or when Rowan emerges through a gold curtain in a barber shop to play a guitar solo.

The Rhythm Method head out on tour with Shame in October, and play a headline show at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club on 25 October.

‘Something for the Weekend’ is out now on Moshi Moshi.

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