Listening Post

These guys called Thunder Jackson sent us an email with this track a while ago – we’ve been playing it ever since

A really good pop song, basically

Without sounding like a knobhead – knobhead! – we get sent quite a bit of new music every day.

A while back, some people we’d never heard of called Thunder Jackson sent us an email with the subject line ‘what exactly is a Thunder Jackson?’ and then sort of answered their own question by explaining that they’re two guys; one from Cardiff the other from Oklahoma, who met by chance during a shared cab ride in California. A couple of years on they make music together.

They included a link to this track ‘Guilty Party’. Right now, that’s all we’ve heard, but it’s good.

They’ve also posted a phone number on their social media, it also appears at the end of the video – (310) 486-7882. Let us know who picks up when you call…