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We got sent this new track by Fred M-G – you should drop it in your next DJ set

'There Is Loss And There Is Love'

Fred M-G has some good excuses for only now getting around to releasing his debut solo track. Some people might be familiar with him as part of Leeds band ZoZo. He’s also organised many of the Come Thru parties before that came to a close and helps run the Chunk space.

Anyway, a week or so ago Fred M-G sent us this track ‘There Is Loss And There Is Love’. It’s out today. Five years in gestation it’s a tear-stained Banger worthy of a capital B that builds to an absorbing crescendo. He says it draws inspiration from the likes of Hercules And Love Affair, Virginia, Hot Chip, The Rapture, Robyn and LCD Soundsystem. Listen and that’ll all make sense.

“Along the way, ‘There Is Loss And There Is Love’ started giving back to me and became a way for me to process instances of loss and love in my own life,” says Fred M-G.

Check it out below. There’s an accompanying video due next month as well.

And if that’s not enough. ZoZo, who also released a couple of tracks this week. So do check those out, too.

Photo by: RoB Molloy

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