Jesca Hoop: Midnight Chats Podcast – Episode 20

The California songwriter is a class act - but it doesn't mean she can't tell funny story about two birds dumping on a festival crowd

Do you remember a time before the internet? When your mates would knock on your door to see if you wanted to walk into town? Those times when you wouldn’t go into meltdown when your Deliveroo app keeps crashing? Simpler times. Maybe not better times, maybe they were, who’s to know? Anyway, it’s just one of the topics that came up in this edition of Midnight Chats. My guest was Jesca Hoop the genre-defying songwriter from California (but a Manchester resident now for almost 10 years). That debate about technology in our lives is one of the areas her majestic fourth album ‘Memories Are Now’ brushes upon, and one we discuss in this podcast.

Elsewhere, we chatted about how some people (yep, me included) fell for her joke about how this latest LP was recorded in a Moroccan restaurant, her collaborative albums with Elbow’s Guy Garvey and Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam, and the time two birds did their dirty business on the audiences’ heads when she was performing at a festival. Plus, what she learned touring in Peter Gabriel’s band, what Sub Pop’s offices are like inside and which of her female contemporaries she would like to gather together to write music with next…