Say goodbye to winter, the best albums from February 2017

Right now, we’re still feeling for a guy called Brian who we’ve never met. The man responsible for creating that Oscars faux pas and one of the most excruciating moments in TV/ movie history by mixing up his envelopes. We’re dedicating our own albums of the month column here to Brian, because you know what, shit happens. Poor bloke is probably beat up right now. Brian could probably do worse than the go on a long drive with the new Sun Kil Moon record to remember life is short, but has to be lived. So, here’s our other favourites from the past month.

Artist: London O’Connor
Title: O∆
Label: True Panther Sounds
What is it? Nomadic DIY artist London O’Connor rejects a lot of conventions on his debut album – which True Panther Sounds gave a proper physical release this month.
L&Q says: “Above all else, ‘O∆’’s narratives are stunningly accurate.”
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Artist: Jesca Hoop
Title: Memories Are Now
Label: Sub Pop
What is it? Last time out the Californian Manchester resident created the beautiful duets album ‘Love Letter To Fire’ with Sam Beam, she returns with her fifth solo LP.
L&Q says: “One of the most engagingly idiosyncratic and refreshingly broad collections of solo singer songwriting in recent memory.”
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Artist: Molly Burch
Title: Please Be Mine
Label: Captured Tracks
What is it? It’s no wonder the debut album from L.A.’s Molly Burch has the feel of a classic Hollywood soundtrack, both her parents work in the movies.
L&Q says: “She has a voice for the ages, and uses it throughout to devastating effect.”
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Artist: Stormzy
Title: Gang Signs & Prayer
Label: Merky
What is it? Stormzy’s taken his time to assemble his debut album ‘Gang Signs & Prayer’ but it’s a record that shows why he’s one of grime’s leading lights.
L&Q says: “Grime is growing up, and Stormzy is gracefully towering above the rest.”
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Artist: Pissed Jeans
Title: Why Love Now
Label: Sub Pop
What is it? The fifth album from the Philadelphia noise-rock band is a brutal, humorous and self-aware effort.
L&Q says: “Urbane and self-aware, ‘Why Love Now’ is a record that satirises both alpha and beta male masculinities by exploring tensions between the two.”
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Artist: Peter Silberman
Title: Impermanence
Label: Trangressive
What is it? The Antlers’ Peter Silberman provides wisdom and warmth on his first solo outing.
L&Q says: “All the songs on ‘Impermanence’ share a gentle positivity rarely expressed so openly in Silberman’s work.”
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Artist: Thundercat
Title: Drunk
Label: Brainfeeder
What is it? Epic 23-track third album from Flying Lotus collaborator and Cali nu-jazz scene linchpin
L&Q says: “Funny, sad, weird, experimental… sometimes all in the space of the same track.”

Artist: Sun Kil Moon
Title: Common As Light and Love Are Red Valleys of Blood
Label: Rough Trade
What is it? Known for his antagonising conduct as much as his music, Mark Kozelek returns with a an eighth album as Sun Kil Moon.
L&Q says: “It may not be the masterpiece that 2014’s ‘Benji’ was, but it still proves Kozelek to be a rare breed of artist.”
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