Kojey Radical: Midnight Chats – Episode 68

Are you listening Vice? We want a TV show about Bulgarian grime

The reason it’s still exciting to be making Midnight Chats, three years and 67 episodes in, is pretty simple: variety.

And the life experience of 26-year-old east London-based rapper, poet and visual artist Kojey Radical couldn’t be much different from that of last week’s guest, the iconic Viv Albertine, still a vibrant and important voice more than 40 years on since The Slits emerged as one of the most influential bands, not just of punk, but all time.

So there’s no risk of repeating ourselves on tonight’s podcast as Kojey goes deep on topics including: growing up in Hoxton, what he took away from his recent experience of interviewing the legendary Spike Lee, managing stress when your passion is your job, being boxed as a “political artist” and how there’s a documentary begging to be made about the global spread of grime.