Music Made Me Do It: The Manager – Catalyst Music founder Guv Singh

How a pudding salesman became a hustling artist manager at the centre of UK Afroswing

Guv Singh used to have a shitty job at Philip Green’s Arcadia Group, but even then he was hustling music on the side.

He’d previously promoted UK garage and baseline raves in the midlands, and studied at Leeds University where he’d set up a company that delivered cakes to stoners. He also launched a trampoline park at one point but was always most fascinated in the business side of the music industry, studying legendary managers like Andrew Loog Oldham and Brian Epstein.

This is the story of how Guv went into managing himself, founded Catalyst Music and became the manager of the Afroswing scene, repping producers Steel Banglez and Swifta Beater, and rappers MIST and Big Shaq.

“Every manager’s a hustler,” he says, “and I was relentless.”

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