St. Vincent: Midnight Chats – Episode 135

Annie Clark on her acting debut, an apprenticeship in The Polyphonic Spree and her near misses with Steve Albini

Annie Clark has been recording as St. Vincent since 2007, collaborating with David Byrne and Paul McCartney along the way, and proving herself as one of the best guitarists (and songwriters) in the world.

In more recent years she’s written a number one hit single (aren’t they all) for Taylor Swift, co-written and starred in her debut feature film, The Nowhere Inn, with her close friend Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney, and released her 7th album All Born Screaming in April 2024.

On this week’s show she talks with me about her early years in mid-00s CULT band (in every sense of the word) The Polyphonic Spree, why nobody liked her film, her near misses with Steve Albini, and how she got childhood hero Dave Grohl to drum on her new record.

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Links to stuff mentioned in the episode: 

The Nowhere Inn trailer

Video to ‘Broken Man’, ft Dave Grohl

The Polyphonic Spree on Tour – 2005 mini doc