Thundercat: Midnight Chats Podcast – Episode 24

Stephen Bruner likes sniffing his cat Tron's neck, reckons Grand Theft Auto is the greatest video game of all time and maybe spent most of this podcast needing to poop

As all of Los Angeles’ experimental music scene will tell you, Thundercat is a dude.

Stephen Bruner is the guy seemingly born with a supernatural talent for playing bass guitar, used to perform with Snoop Dogg/Erykah Badu/Suicidal Tendencies,  got signed up by Flying Lotus to his Brainfeeder label, produced Kendrick Lamar’s most critically lauded album ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ and generally is a bloke everyone wants on their album. But, he also has a cat called Tron, loves video games more than anyone I’ve ever met and knows more than most about cult South Korean movies.

There’s a link between this episode and one I recorded with Flying Lotus (number 17) in Autumn 2016, so do head back and listen to that if you enjoy this.

It was recorded a couple of weeks back in London as Thundercat was in the UK playing shows supporting his latest album ‘Drunk’. Enjoy…