The Big Moon
Here Is Everything



The third album from The Big Moon documents a period of intense change: a global pandemic, societal unrest and new motherhood. These may usually be triggers for intense anxiety and uncertainty but the London-based quartet have instead honed a spirit of musical optimism.

If 2020’s Walking Like We Do tipped them for pop stardom, Here Is Everything should see the Mercury-nominated outfit finally reap the rewards. Its 11 tracks have refined their killer pop instinct without sacrificing any of their earlier girl-gang charm. This crescendos on the sweeping ‘Wide Eyes’, which captures the giddy joy of friendship, while their ease with one another carries through to ‘Daydreaming’, which absorbs Haim’s summery sheen.

There’s also a newfound maturity to their outlook, with the band taking on production duties for the first time and recording in drummer Fern Ford’s home studio. It extends to the lyrics, with ‘This Love’ hymning the joys of quiet contentment within a relationship, while ‘High & Low’ addresses a newborn without tipping into syrupy sentiment (“I wonder if you can die from sleep deprivation?” wonders Juliette Jackson). 

Pitched somewhere between Adele and The Last Shadow Puppets, this is the sound of four friends laying everything on the table.