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Other featured artists include Bill Callahan, Big Joanie, Show Me The Body and many more

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Dry Cleaning stickers exclusively for our subscribers

This month we also have an added, subscribers-only treat – a sticker sheet designed by our cover artists, Dry Cleaning – one of the most cathartic rock bands in the UK. Their new album, Stumpwork, is a massive leap forward from a group who were already ahead of the game. Sam Walton travelled to Southend-on-Sea with them and our photographer Matilda Hill-Jenkins to get the inside story on their unique dynamic, internal monologues and how it feels to have become a Big Band by accident.

Here’s what else is in Issue 155: an in-depth chat with legendary songwriter Bill Callahan; a trip to Brixton with ever-excellent Black feminist punk band Big Joanie; notoriously frank NYC hardcore outfit Show Me The Body in conversation; the incredible life story of Acid Klaus, aka Adrian Flanagan; Flohio on being a perennial ‘breaking act’ who’s really just doing her own thing entirely; an afternoon in Dublin with rising folk singer Aoife Nessa Frances; a hangout at Sorry‘s place in East London; and a conversation with songwriter and author James Yorkston at End of the Road as he releases his new novel, The Book of the Gaels.

We speak with some amazing brand new and underground artists, including leftfield pop pioneer Piglet, feminist doom-punks Witch Fever, experimental producer and hardware engineer Herva, veteran sonic explorer Shit and Shine, and jazz-schooled songwriter Donna Thompson

On top of all that, we have a quick, very silly conversation with Oliver Sim about the songs he loves when he’s not trying to impress people, Andrew Anderson revisits Black Flag‘s absolute turd of a reunion album, What The…, and we debrief from this year’s End of the Road (spoiler alert: it was really good).

Plus reviews of all the most exciting new albums, books and films, our regular news roundup, and more.