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Issue 145 of Loud And Quiet is out February 13th, featuring Squid on the cover, photographed at Portishead Open Air Pool.

It’ll be the band’s first in-depth interview about their debut album, Bright Green Field, which was announced last week. It’s being released May 7 via Warp, and is a much stranger record than people are perhaps expecting. It’s brilliant too, and despite the bleakness of right now seeping into it, the band managed to find joy, unity and passion in its making.

Other featured artists include rappers with stories BackRoad Gee and Berwyn, south London band Blue Bendy, a Manchester noise group named after an city in the Midwest (Gary, Indiana), Bristol ambient musician Lucy Gooch and the brilliant drone-folk artist Karima Walker.

Sebastian from Viagra Boys gave us tour of his “gaming cave” home in Stockholm, Virginia Wing discuss their underrated cult artists, new and old, and Iglooghost gave us his first interview about new album Lei Line Eon.

Plus: A Beginner’s Guide to MF DOOM, the story of Ambient Flo – a new radio station with added birdsong – some important journalism about how badly Craig David was robbed at the 2001 Brit Awards, and Julien Baker in the Sweet 16 chair.

Columns and album, live, book and film reviews too.

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