Vinyl shopping with The Moonlandingz – Bands Buy Records episode 04

This was always going to be a laugh

Sometimes, you’ve never quite sure what you’re getting yourself into. It was a bit like that when we invited The Moonlandingz, the band formed from members of Fat White Family, Slow Club and The Eccentronic Research Council, to record our latest episode of Bands Buy Records.

You’ll understand if you’ve seen them live. Johnny Rocket – you might be more familiar with him as Lias Saoudi – often makes jewellery out of loafs of bread and smears his face with whatever liquid he can find. He also claims not to own any of his own clothes. So giving Johnny and bandmate Dean Honer £25 to spend on a minimum of three records was always going to be entertaining.

Fortunately, it ended up being a right laugh. They did it, and then Johnny went and got on a plane to Cambodia, with “no real plan”. As you do.

Check out episode 04 of Bands Buy Records below:

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Thanks to our hosts Flashback Records, Essex Road. Film by Timothy Cochrane.