We’re resurrecting our tape label for a limited run of the new King Gizzard album

In aid of the ongoing Refugee Crisis

A few years back we had a bit of fun releasing a couple of tapes and a couple of records. There was one for Disclosure and the first single of a band called alt-J. We also over-ordered a 12″ comp of all the bands we liked at the time for our 5th anniversary (seriously, guys, we can still hook you up).

Releasing records gets a little bit serious, but the tapes were good, solid fun, and so we’ve decided to do a run of the new King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard album, with all proceeds donated to the ongoing Refugee Crisis, and – an organisation that Nadine Shah told us about.

The Refugee Crisis is something that we care deeply about – an issue that I (like many others) was starkly reminded of when listening to Adam Buxton’s brilliant podcast with Hassan Akkad this week.

You may have seen this post last week, about how King Gizzard were going to give away their forth album of 2017, and encourage people to reproduce it, press it, share it, release it however they like. Well, they’ve done that now, and ‘Polygondwanaland’ is another great psych feast; one that we’ll be pleased to lovingly dub onto tapes and send out to anyone who wants a copy.

The first small batch will be, as pictured, white cassettes in ivory cases. Following that, we promise other classy colour combinations.

Pre order a copy here, for shipping on December 15th.

Make your own copies of the album by downloading it from the band’s site, complete with artwork and liner notes.