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Yoko Ono has been creating art to satisfy herself since her first gallery show in New York, in 1961. That was seven years before she even met John Lennon, and even then she didn’t know who The Beatles were.

As she tells Brian Coney in this month’s cover feature, it’s the state of things in 2018 that compelled her to make a new record – ‘Warzone’ is not an easy listen, sonically or thematically, but of it Ono says: “It seems like plain hypocrisy that I’m alive, surviving, and not speaking out.”

Others in our October 2018 edition (in stores this weekend) include surprised (and surprising) L.A. musician Jackie Cohen, Japanese girl group CHAI, who are subverting the country’s culture of cute, ‘Kawaii’, Stockholm punk band Viagra Boys and Lala Lala, who made her second record off the back of getting sober and the paranoia that followed a home invasion in Chicago.

At the crack of dawn I met Suitman Jungle for coffee in Canary Wharf – the new live drum and bass side project of Marc Pell, drummer in Micachu and the Shapes; Tristan Gatward played Mrs and Mrs with Lucy Dacus, Julien Baker and Phoebe Bridgers about their new band boygenius; Dom Haley spoke with footwork producer Jlin about scoring her first ballet.

John Grant is our Sweet 16 column, Jonangelo Molinari took some pretty great portraits and End of The Road festival, Andrew Anderson guides you through signing a big, fat record deal, and Stephen Butchard looks as the relationship between sampled music, the listener and the creator.

All lovingly put together in Loud And Quiet 128.

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