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Unqualified Nurse Band are not medical professionals but can write an evil rock song

The Derby group are next in line to release new music via the Too Pure Singles Club

After almost 70 years of popular music history one of the best things is just how inventive bands have to be now most of the decent names have gone. Take for example, Unqualified Nurse Band.

After releasing their debut album, ‘Debasement Tapes’ last year, the trio, from Derby, have a new 7″ coming out via the Pure Pure Singles Club on 24 March, but you can listen to one of the tracks here first.

It’s called ‘Death Surf A52’.

It follows releases from Too Pure Singles Club this year by Family Scraps and Bruising/Personal Best.

Unqualified Nurse Band’s next gig is at The Hairy Dog in Derby on 10 February.