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Ought’s Tim Darcy asks whether he’s drowning or swimming on first solo song

Frontman with the Montreal band is putting out a solo album in February

It turns out Tim Darcy was doing double-time while he was making Ought‘s second, and most recent, album, ‘Sun Coming Down’.

After studio sessions, in the squeezed hours of the late evening and weekends, he was brewing a parallel set of new songs in a studio storage room that will reveal themselves as his first solo album in 2017. That’s why, he says, it’s called ‘Saturday Night’.

The frontman from the Montreal band kicks off this new endeavour with a track called ‘Tall Glass Of Water’ which you can hear below.

Thematically, he’s explained that the track, and the album, talk about rivers, and how as an artist the current and compulsion that propels one to make more music means you’re never quite sure if you’re sinking, swimming, drowning or well, trusting in your instinct, and doing a decent job.

‘Saturday Night’ is coming out on Jagjaguwar on 17 February 2017. He’ll play a UK show at The Lexington in London on 20 February.