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Wiki meets his voters as he launches his bid to be ‘Mayor’ of New York City

Our current cover star releases one of the best tracks from his debut 'No Mountains In Manhattan'

New York is Wiki’s city, the metropolis that raised him.

The 23-year-old Ratking rapper talks about that a lot in our current cover feature (pick up a copy now, order one or read in our digital edition). He spoke to Katie Beswick about spreading his message beyond the NY alt. hip-hop scene it’s so clearly born out of.

His debut solo album is called ‘No Mountains In Manhattan’ it’s out this Friday, 25 August, on XL Recordings. It features Ghostface Killah, Lakutis, ACAB, Slicky Boy and Your Old Droog. Kaytranda is also involved in production, along with Wiki himself.

‘Mayor’ is one of the best tracks on it, and he’s just shared that song along with a pretty funny video.

In it, Wiki, suited up, goes about canvasing votes to become ‘mayor’ of New York. He meets his people as he travels across Manhattan – from the steps of the Public Library to Central Park, outside the entrance to Pennsylvania Station and the subway.

He’s coming to London to play soon, too. He’s just announced a show at The Nines in Peckham on 22 September.

Check out the video for it, directed by Matt Lubansky, below.

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