Caribou: Midnight Chats – Episode 88

A conversation about the unpredictability of life with a compassionate songwriter

The fact that Caribou‘s recently released album Suddenly is about the curveballs life throws at you with little or no warning currently feels worryingly relevant.

He wasn’t writing about the measures we’re all taking as the Coronavirus pandemic unfolds but the same immediate things were on his mind: family, love, protection, sadness and strength.

Back in early February Dan Snaith invited me into his London home to record this conversation in the basement studio where he made that new LP, Our Love and countless other pieces of music.

Afterwards he introduced me to his kids who were dancing around the kitchen – it was a brief glimpse into the life of this songwriter whose family and care for the wider world is central to everything.

It’s an unsettling time, I hope it can provide a temporary distraction.