Music Made Me Do It: The Producer – Paul Epworth

What the hell does a record producer do, and how can you become one?

We’ve been working on this new podcast series over the last year, meeting people who, like me, have somehow managed to turn being an obsessive music fan into their job.

Over the next 10 episodes I’ll attempt to unpack exactly what the different professions within the music industry are, and how 10 extraordinary people forged extremely successful careers for themselves by making it up as they went along.

Once you’ve worked within music for a year or two you realise that there is no road map, and that you’re not the only one who has no idea what’s going on.

First up is the story of record producer Paul Epworth, who went from playing in a band to inventing an era-defining guitar sound, to winning an Oscar with Adele.

Thank you to Paul. And to our producer Emma Snook.

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