serpentwithfeet is on the cover of Loud And Quiet 124 – in stores this weekend

Playing in the dirt with Josiah Wise, Caroline Rose, Sudan Archives, Metallica and Jimothy Lacoste

Until last month’s issue of Loud And Quiet we had a regular questionnaire feature called Getting To Know You, where artists would answer the same 30-odd questions each month: “What kind of biscuit would you be?” – that kind of thing. The cap-free, Baltimore-born serpentwithfeet took the survey in March 2017, explaining that he had a pet shadow (“he’s lovely”) and that his advice to others was, “Unhinge, unhinge, unhinge.” These two abstract and knowingly funny answers did help us get to know a little more about Josiah Wise, and a year on we’re back for the rest – to discuss the RnB singer’s origins as a choirboy, his “witch’s nose” and to get into his startling debut album, ‘soil’. 

Also in issue 124 (in stores from 21 April 2018) are interviews with new artists Jimothy Lacoste, Caroline Rose, Sudan Archives, Wax Chattels and Tess Roby.

Jenny Wilson spoke to us about her highly personal album ‘EXORCISM’ – a record about her own rape – and Metallica‘s Lars Ulrich recalled how the band regrouped after the tragic death of their friend and bandmate in 1987.

We also have essays on the new wave of ambient, the Beatles slagging off Jesus, Mount Eerie and how to live off of your band in 2018.

Plus the usual album, live, book and film reviews, of course.

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