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DRIFT Records club: claim your discount on albums by Special Interest, Daniel Avery and many more

L&Q subscribers can save a chunk of cash on some of the best records of 2022

You’ve probably seen all the albums of the year lists by now – including ours, which features more than one LP that’s discounted below – so if they’ve got you in the mood to splash out on some vinyl, here’s the perfect pre-Xmas gift from your friends at L&Q and DRIFT. Obviously we know times are tight out there, but if you’ve got the cash (hopefully the discount helps), buying some physical LPs is a great way to support the artists behind the amazing sound we’ve enjoyed this year, as well as independent shops like DRIFT, who do so much for the DIY music ecosystem we all rely on.

Subscribers can claim 10% off any of the below albums, which are all excellent, and many of which are populating those end-of-year lists we know you’re so excited about. All you need to do is head over to our collection on DRIFT and enter the following code: DFTD3CL8Q22

View the entire collection here.

In the collection this month

Julien ChangThe Sale
Ezra Collective –  Where I’m Meant To Be
Special Interest – Endure
Daniel Avery –  Ultra Truth
The Cool Greenhouse – Sod’s Toastie
Gold Panda – The Work
Panda Bear & Sonic Boom – Reset
Saint Jude – Signal
StormzyThis Is What I Mean
TSHA – Capricorn Sun